Hi. We are Domos House

A Hostel in the Center of Puerto Natales with beautiful landscapes.

Imagine the Domos like a big tent in the form of an Igloo. These big tents have an isolation material between the layers for higher comfort.

On cold days, we heat the Domos. Close to the beds, you find plugs for your electric devices.


Inside the Domos, there are 3-4 bunk beds, that means 6-8 beds.

The bunk beds are very solid and the beds are comfortable with very good mattresses.

  • Breakfast
  • Towels are rented for 1.000 pesos
  • Free WIFI
Women and Mixed

We have 3 mixed domos and 1 Domos for women only.

Every Domos has about ca. 28 m2

  • Tours
  • Info
  • Bus – Tickets
  • And the best vibes!

Bathrooms are not inside the Domos.

As in a campsite,

bathrooms are a few meters away from the Domos.

You have to walk 3 meters across the garden to reach the bathrooms. This allows you to sleep without beeing disturbed by the noise of the showers of the people who leave early in the morning or who arrive late night after their adventures.

Don´t miss your adventure!

10 showers and 6 toilettes for a maximum of 28 guests guarantee you won´t have to stand in a line for your shower!

Prepare yourself for a dream experience

Your adventure in Patagonia starts at Domos House!
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Domos House

Live the experience

Hundreds of people already have shared and enjoyed the experience to spend the night in a Domos.
Here is your experience, we are waiting for you!